Marathon multiplier: Week 1

Not only did I survive the first week of the marathon multiplier, I crushed it. As of this morning I have ran 53.5 km or 33 and a quarter miles for the metrically challenged out there, leaving me a little over 73 km (45.3 miles) to run between now and February 6. I think it’s totally doable. In fact I started to run shorter distances as of this morning aiming for a faster average pace. I really want to be able to run a 5k under 25 mn… For whatever reason…

In all fairness my average pace was slow all of last week but I had to deal with some pretty bad weather conditions, particularly Sunday morning when everything was covered with about an inch of ice. I had a couple of scares running downhill in the northern part of the park.

The weather forecast for this coming week is a little bit of snow but mostly very cold, no single digit temperatures though (just checked the latest forecast, there will be one night at 9), and that I can handle.

The marathon multiplier puts me at 80 km (50 miles) year to date and we’re January 13! I can’t believe I had to wait to be 42 to discover I could do all this running.

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