Probably not such a good idea

With Nike + you can set yourself goals but you can also sign up for challenges with other Nike + runners. I’ve joined 24 challenges so far that I consider doable, I might have stepped over the line however with number 25.Enters “The Marathon Multiplier (1/3)“. Here is what it’s all about:

“This is only for the very toughest Nike+ runners. How many Marathons can you run in a month?

A series of challenges. We start with three in the first month, four in the second and five in the final month. Keep up and you’re in the second month. Whoever can keep the pace until the end of month three wins the respect of the forums. Are you up for it?”

So errr yesI’m going to have to run the equivalent of a marathon every week for the next 3 weeks to make it through the first monthand that’s of course in Januarywhen the weather is the best in New York. Not that it really concerns me, I was running on New Year’s day by 15 degrees, I’m just hoping there’ll be no snow storms.

If you’re scrolling down the list in the little Nike + widget I’m currently number 54 because I was the 54th runner to sign up. Challenge starts on January 5.

I’ll be posting updates... Yes I know, I’m crazy.

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