Waiting for John Williams

[8:17 am] On the number 7 bus on my way to Avery Fisher Hall.[8:22 am] Grabbing a cup of coffee.

[8:27 am] Just got there. They added a sticker to the poster reading ‘Sold Out’.

[8:50 am] A small line is forming inside.

[9:05 am] Talking Star Wars. They just announced we’re getting in, in 5 mn. I’m psyched.

[9:09 am] They checked the bags. My camera’s in. 🙂

[9:15 am] We’re talking 6th gen iPods. We’re still not in.

[9:25 am] We’re in! The lady checking the tickets was saying ‘What a crowd, this must be a good program this morning. This must be something special’. You got that right.

[9:40 am] The orchestra is warming up. Some ‘Ring the Bells’, some ‘Hook’.

[9:41 am] We should be about to start. Signing out.

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