The Beat Goes On

[12:50 PM] Today is the day I might get the iPod I alway dreamed of. The Apple store is down which tells me it will be available today. 10 minutes to wait before the event starts.

[12:53 PM] Gizmodo is reporting the event is packed… No kidding… 7 minutes to go. I’m dying…

[12:58 pm] iMac on stage so we can expect some news on the iTunes front. I can’t take it anymore!!!!

[1:00 PM] Here we go!

[1:02 PM] And we are starting with iTunes.

[1:03 PM] Numbers, pie charts… #3 Music retailer in the US… Come on!!!!!

[1:05 PM] I keep refreshing the iTunes site and it’s still 7.3. Oh! OK apparently not until tonight.

[1:06 PM] Ringtones… Well I don’t have an iPhone…

[1:10 PM] “Give Peace a Chance is for when NBC calls”. That’s funny.

[1:12 PM] Badabing! complete new line of iPods!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

[1:14 PM] Rumors were true for the Nano. It will support video. Looks boxy.

[1:17 PM] Awwww man that thing is so thin!

[1:18 PM] Games! So if there are gamers on the Nano, I guess we can expect games on the big boy.

[1:23 PM] “iPod Nano Battery life: 24 hours of audio playback, 5 hours of video playback.” Holy Molly!!!

[1:24 PM] Will be in store this weekend? Noooooo! In store today! It’s got to be in store today!

[1:27 PM] iPod classic. Wooooo.

[1:28 PM] 160 GB of goodness! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

[1:38 pm] It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen….

[1:47 PM] A few weeks, a few weeks? I can’t wait a few weeks!!!!

[1:49 PM] The iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. So rumor was true…

[2:04 PM] So I was blinsided for a second here. $399 for 16gb on the touch and $399 for 160gb on the classic? I have to do some thinking here.

[2:10 PM] I think it’s going to be a touch.

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