Hey Microsoft!

Don’t you think it’s time for a Windows XP Service Pack 3? I was doing a clean install of XP Service Pack 2 today and I loaded the machine with Office 2007. This is what it took to bring it up to date:Installation of the active X control for Microsoft Update. Back to the home page for software upgrades, namely Windows installer 3.1 and Windows Genuine Advantage then restart. Back to the home page, 102 updates for a total of 244.2MB!!!!

Think that’s bad? Wait! Restart then back to Microsoft Update and another 14 updates totaling 42.7MB this time.

And that’s a third restart. Back to Microsoft update, behold! One security update for .NET framework. 8.8MB and we are done.

That’s roughly 300MB worth of update and you have to reboot your computer 3 times.

Microsoft? Time for Service Pack 3, like now… But I guess you’ve already decided that it was for the first half of ’08.


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