The magic wand

I’ve searched the land a long time for the Holy Grail of universal remotes and my quest is now over. The Harmony Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360 is the answer. Not only does it control everything I have at home that can be controlled with a remote (including the A/C) but you can also program macros called activities like “watch TV” or “watch DVD” or “listen to Radio”.What makes this remote special is the XBox 360 buttons. I generally agree with the CNet video review of the product:

But do not agree with the written review. I have no problem with the numeric keypad and I don’t think the interface to program the remote is intimidating at all. As a matter of fact I thought it was really user friendly. As far as rechargeable batteries I’ll have to see how fast I go through one set.

It took me about 30mn to setup all the devices and activities (installation of the software included) which I thought was really good. My main problem when it comes to universal remotes has always been the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD. Since it is my cable box but also my DVR it is by far the element of my entertainment center that has the most complex remote. I was shocked to realize that every single functions was there, I’d lie if I said it didn’t take a bit of getting use to it, but it’s all there.

I also love the “glow” button since I usually watch TV with the lights out.

My box of remotes is now in storage. One remote to rule them all.

$99 at Circuit City.

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