Goodbye Mozilla. Hello Seamonkey!

I’ve been using Mozilla for years and I don’t mean Firefox or Thunderbird, I mean Mozilla. I’ve switched from time to time to Internet Explorer when a new version was released but I always got back to Mozilla at the end.I had noticed for a while now that there was no updates to version 1.7.13 and since it was working for me I didn’t see any reason to look further but since I rolled back from Vista to XP on my home computer, this morning it was time to re-install Mozilla and that’s when I realized they stopped developing my favorite web browser in April of last year, the name of the new project: Seamonkey.

I don’t want to sound ridiculously over-enthusiastic since I’ve been using it for half a day but it seems to be everything I like about Mozilla, only better. I started customizing the browser right after install with this spiffy splash screen and the blue-splash icons. I also changed the theme to iCandy Junior and I couldn’t be happier.

Goodbye Mozilla, farewell Internet Explorer 7… All Hail Seamonkey!

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