Anything to declare?

Curse you HP for making my life miserable. It all started with a Designjet 110plus printer Friday of last week, not that there was anything wrong with it, but you would think that for $1,000 you would get a printer cable with it, well think again. I had to go to Circuit City around the corner to get one.I wouldn’t even remember that incident if it wasn’t for all the misery related to HP products that followed.

On Saturday I’m trying to slap a 500GB internal SATA drive into a Compaq Presario SR1403WM when I realize there’s no SATA power on the power supply and I would need an LP4 to SATA adapter. The thing is most vendors seem to have this item as a web only so I’m thinking on one hand that I’m out of luck but then again since the computer is an older model I decide to cut HP (that’s right Compaq is HP) some slack since SATA drive have only become widespread in the past couple of years. That was until we got our hands on a brand new HP Pavilion a6097c. Not only does the motherboard supports SATA drives it also comes standard with a SATA hard drive but again no SATA power. So how do they power the drive do you ask? By using the above mentioned adapter. At that point I was fuming.

This could be where the story ends but on Thursday someone walks into my office with yet another HP Pavilion this time still in the box right out of the store. I didn’t need to do any hardware upgrade for this one but I was still so miffed over the events of last weekend that I decided to open the case just for the hell of it. I shook my head in disbelief and then I snapped a picture.

It’s one thing to be cheap HP, but in order to unload your stock of old power supplies you have turned what used to be the simplest hardware upgrade on a PC into a nightmare. Congratulations!

One thought on “Anything to declare?

  1. Dude, did you look s=close enough?
    From here, it looks like the mobo power is a 20 pin psu cable on a 24 pin mobo…
    I see 4 empty holes at the right.
    If that’s out of the box, then F those a-holes.
    HP is briljant for their servers, but the desktops suck, a friend of mine has the same LP4 to sata converter cable but has no more free power cables, he needs to get a splitter……….

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