SiriusXM Internet Radio timeout, a simple workaround

SiriusXM offers their radio stations online on a browser based interface for an additional $2.99/month. Great! What is not so great is the timeout for inactivity after 90 minutes or so. In other words if you are not interacting with the player’s window for a period of an hour and a half, the music stops playing.

There’s a slew of third party applications out there but all of them stopped working when SiriusXM redesigned their website on February 4.

I’ve seen suggestions out there to use AutoMouseClicker but it works only for a while as SiriusXM will still log you out after a while so I went back to third party applications to see if one of them had an update that would work and found XMTuner. The GUI is very basic but it seems so far to be doing what it is suppose to do with at least one cool feature.

All you really need to do is enter your XM or Sirius username and password (make sure to check the “autologin” box), the channels allowed on your subscription will then populate the channels window. Right-click on a channel and hit play. You’re done.

I suppose where this piece of software really shines is for an application I don’t need it for at all; it can serve SiriusXM radio to other computers and devices on a network. It can even convert the stream to other audio formats like wav or mp3 if you install the third party application TVersity.

As of today, this is the best solution I’ve found. I thought it was worth sharing.

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