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You just can’t make this shit up

CNN entertainment is proud to report the GOP will have its own share of stars during its convention including Rage Against the Machine. I hope someone gave them the heads up because here is the beginning of their performance for the DNC in 2000.
The same nice guys who brought you “Testify”, making clear at the time, they didn’t see any difference between Bush and Gore.

If I lost my job today

I was browsing CNNMoney today looking for a recap of this week’s disastrous events on Wall Street when I stumbled on this poll:I can’t say I was surprised by the question, I often ask it myself and I wasn’t exactly shocked that 6 out of 10 people have enough savings for 6 months or less. What I really find appalling is that these results are coming from people who read CNNMoney. I think at the very least the 35% who answered “I don’t have any savings” would better spend their time rethinking a thing or two about their financial lives rather than visiting the business section of CNN.

I always have at least one year before you ask.