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The summer of all bores

Looking at the list of movie releases this summer, I have the same sinking feeling I had back in May of last year when I saw the fall TV season lineup, that little voice whispering in my ear there’s nothing there for me.
It’s tempting to blame it on aging but before I dropped cable, I faithfully watched 8 seasons of 24, 6 seasons of LOST, 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica and I still watch Mad Men. The same goes for summer movies. I was looking forward to Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3 and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last year and was curious about Robin Hood, the A-Team and The Last Airbender (So much for curiosity, I want those hours of my life back!). It’s not like I’m sitting here  remembering how much better movies and TV series were in the 80s. My point is, I like independent, smart, brainy movies but I also like when things blow up. Yet, this year’s offering from Hollywood leaves me completely cold with the exception of Harry Potter. I have some mild interest in X-Men First Class, Super 8 and possibly Cowboys and Aliens  but besides that, my opinion on these movies range from laughable to offensive.
I never want to see another Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern don’t even pass the giggle test, even Pixar had to go with a sequel of their only movie I don’t particularly care for: Cars.
I guess I’ll catch up on reading and watch Game of Thrones.