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This product saved me $600

I dropped my HTC Incredible and shattered the screen. I was informed by Verizon that I had the extended warranty but not the insurance. Their suggestion? Buy a new one at full retail price or $599.99… Right…
I’ll be honest, I am technically inclined and it still made me nervous to take my phone apart even with those handy instructions: […]
It took me a couple of hours but I was able to take it apart, replace the screen and put it back together. Words of advice:
. If you’re all thumbs, have someone else do it.
. Make sure to disconnect ALL ribbon cables before removing the motherboard. Be especially mindful of the small ribbon cable going through the track-pad’s hole.
. You will spend most of your time removing the glued-on shattered glass from the frame so you’ll want to have a waste basket near by and possibly a small vacuum.
I rated the product 4 out of 5 stars because of the lack of adhesive to hold the screen in place. Clear double sided tape works fine but I still feel it should be included.
Nevertheless my phone works flawlessly and looks like out of the box for $35 and a couple of hours of work instead of $600.
What more can I ask for?

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