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I hate error messages

Because they are generally unhelpful and/or stupid.

Yes I know the connection to my computer was lost because I turned it off forgetting that the movie I was watching was streaming from the said computer.

Make sure your computer is turned on: I just told you I turned it off. It was a mistake, an accident.

Connected to your network: There’s nothing wrong with the network. I turned the computer off.

And is running media sharing software: Dude! I was just watching a movie. Do you think that would have been possible without running media sharing?

Error messages suck.

It’s a Rhode trip!

And a live blog. It’s all geek to me!

[7:00 AM] Ridding the train on my way to the rendezvous point, I realize I can’t insert symbols besides what’s on my cellphone’s keyboard. Crap!

[7:10 AM] Got to 42nd Street and debating with my fellow strap hangers if this is a local or express 7 train. I think it’s a local and it better be.

[7:15 AM] It’s a local (I told you guys). The dude sitting next to me looks like he slept about 2 hours and keeps starring at me typing on my cell. The guy across from me looks like he slept 3 hours. I love early morning train rides.

[7:21 AM] The train just turned into an L. Everybody in the car check their cellphones. I think I’m going to be way early.

[7:27 AM] Just text messaged Amit. I forgot to print driving directions. I hope Steve’s printer is working.

[7:29 AM] Pulling into the station. I’m half an hour early. Damn!

[7:33 AM] There’s a spanking new Starbucks at the corner but I already got my bucket of coffee so I’ll pass. No reply from Amit.

[7:45 AM] I’m on the sidewalk checking my email, checking the board and blogging… Awesome!

[7:50 AM] Steve just walked out. His printer is indeed working.

[7:56 AM] Printing driving directions or at least trying… What’s that flashing?

[8:01 AM] I can’t get the printer to go. No news from Amit.

[8:15 AM] Amit is 5 mn away. Printer is printing.

[8:25 AM] Where’s Amit?

[8:29 AM] Steve got tired of waitng. He’s going to get some caffeine.

[8:30 AM] Here’s Amit!

[8:34 AM] Steve’s here. We’re on our way!

More on the Midnight Magic Costume Party

The event held at the Barnes and Noble Union Square was just massive! They had setup areas on all four floors and activities from 5 PM all the way to the launch of the book at midnight.
The first floor was for Wristband check-in. If you had reserved a copy of the book you were getting a gold wristband, if you hadn’t a red. That were the Eeylops Owl Emporium was as well.
On the second floor was Diagon Alley with the Magical Managerie, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the Apothecary and Ollivanders.
The third floor was Hogwarts Castle where they had converted the cafe in Hogwarts Dining hall and the other side of the floor was the Forbidden Forest.
The fourth floor was for the activities.