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What are they smoking?

Don’t get me wrong, I like nerdy news just like the next nerd but that’s not what I go to CNN.com for. So imagine my surprise when this made the headline for a good couple of hours today:

Commodore 64? To quote Jimmy Kimmel “How is this news?” Wasn’t there anything else going on? Any update on the bombing in Paris yesterday? The CIA destroying tapes of interrogations back in ’05?

That’s when I directed my attention to to the “latest news” section on the right hand side.

Clinton dumps Celine for Big Head Todd? Video
Bio-fuels send German beer prices rising Video
Ideal stocking stuffer: rhino poop
Freud hanging from building spurs 911 calls Video

And lets not forget “Canoe Man reportedly tried to buy Catamaran”. What’s next? “Hang glider Man tried to buy 747”?

What the hell is going on over there?